As collection manager with Dodge City Medical Center, I have worked closely with Midwest Service Bureau since 1999. I have always found the staff at Midwest very pleasant and knowledgeable.

With the ability to report payments, verify account balances and refer accounts through Client Services on the web, this has increased our office's efficiency greatly.

Midwest staff has always been very helpful and responsive to our needs. They have always produced an above average return on dollars referred to them.

Beverly Antonelli
Collection Manager
Dodge City Medical Center

* * * * *

The Wichita Clinic PA has been in a relationship with Midwest Service Bureau for several decades now and we have been very pleased with their service.

Midwest is effective in collecting our receivables, while providing understanding and good will to our patients.

Their staff is responsive to our needs, providing immediate answers to our questions. They are helpful and friendly while maintaining a professional relationship. Reporting capabilities and period end actuaries are worthwhile. Working with them is a pleasure in every aspect.

I would recommend the service of Midwest Service Bureau for your collection needs.

Kimberly Torres
Account Service Manager
Wichita Clinic PA

* * * * *