Your personalized collection center — high debt collection rate, no upfront fees!

While some amount of credit is inevitable in every business, outstanding debt affects profits. In extreme situations it can even threaten a company’s survival. Your staff then has to put aside their work and spend valuable business time chasing down debtors; typically, with poor results. Debt collection is a full-time job which requires proper training, experience and an effective process.

An experienced debt collector or collection agency like Midwest Service Bureau Inc. will help you get the money that’s rightfully yours sooner rather than later. We save you from today’s stormy economy!

You won’t have to worry about alienating customers, wasting valuable business time in turning your staff into debt collectors or paying upfront fees. We offer maximum returns while treating your clients with the utmost respect and dignity. Plus, if you don’t get paid, we don’t either! Payments are strictly on a contingency basis.

As one of the most effective and successful debt collection companies we provide personalized service for a diverse range of clients including

  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Utilities

A results-driven approach, proven debt collection process and qualified staff (with ACA Collector Certification) has made us preferred consumer debt collectors. We’re also recognized as a leading medical/healthcare/clinical debt collection company throughout the US Midwest.

Call 800 362 0272 or simply fill out our online form  for a free, no obligation quote.

Why choose our debt collection agency?

24-hour access to your accounts through our secure website - paperless, efficient and convenient Read More…

  • Post payments and receive a fax confirmation verifying receipt
  • View an action summary of latest account proceedings
  • Access detailed reports that breakdown your placements and show our recovery percentage

Customized collections programs for various sensitivity levels

  • Choose a program that will customize our approach to meet your specific needs
  • This feature allows us to be as firm or sensitive to your customers as you desire

Superior rate of return

  • Our experience and methodology bring our clients more money back
  • We routinely beat national averages and outperform others in the local debt collection market

Personalized customer service

  • We make it a point to have regular face-to-face meetings to ensure your needs are being met. We are happy to modify plans as per your changing requirements
  • You have complete access to all levels of our agency from the Director of Operations to our President

Legal action pursued on a case-by-case basis

  • Our attorneys can pursue legal recourse through the courts on your behalf
  • We can file proof of claim for you on Chapter 13 Bankruptcies with attachable assets
  • Our conservative approach prevents wasting your money on court costs without a reasonable expectation of winning judgment and return of funds

Flexible billing statements available

  • We can adjust how our fees are billed to you to match your accounting procedures and policies

Automated transfer of accounts

  • We offer several methods to input your accounts into our system

Sophisticated electronic location capabilities

  • We have access to a variety of electronic systems that allow us to easily search and find your customers who have left the area
  • Each of our collectors are trained in the latest skip tracing technology and use proven procedures for locating individuals

Educational programs available

  • As a partner we also offer training and annual seminars both in-house and on-site to help you develop a system to enhance your delinquency account returns
  • We can work with your team on

Call coaching

Collection letter creation

Handling incoming calls

Recommended timelines

Objection handling

Many additional services offered

  • Billing services
  • Phase 1 Program  – letters only no phone calls
  • Bankruptcy filing
  • Updates about changes to legal requirements
  • Probate filing
  • Answering collection questions
  • Research insurance options for medical debt collection customers
  • Process improvement analysis in accounts receivable to enhance results


Midwest Service Bureau Inc. is more than just a consumer debt collection agency or medical debt collection provider. We increase your profitability significantly and can help streamline your accounts receivable and billing services for better returns.

Continuous improvements in our processes with personalized and dedicated service are the hallmarks of our agency. We are the leading medical and healthcare debt collection company and collection agency for financial institutions.

Give us a call at 800 362 0272 right away for effective debt collection services!

Midwest Service Bureau Inc. is a fully bonded and licensed collection agency that designs a personalized debt collection program to meet our clients’ specific needs.